The Greater Cleveland Racial Justice, Racial Equity Initiative
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The Greater Cleveland Racial Justice, Racial Equity Initiative

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Thursday, July 29 at 5:00pm
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The Racial Equity Racial Justice Initiative (Initiative) will support the growth of a robust racial justice movement ecosystem that amplifies the voice and influence of the community members most impacted by social and economic issues to be the driving force for structural transformation in Greater Cleveland. The initiative will strengthen relationships and strategic collaboration among stakeholders across all sectors, with an initial focus on capacity-building and organizational transformation within the philanthropic sector.

The Initiative is motivated by the impact of persistent inequities in society for communities that have been historically marginalized. With decades of progress under threat, it has become clear to philanthropy that structural racism affects all issues and there is more willingness to consider the racial dimensions of issues that in the past were deemed race-neutral. The Initiative intentionally uses the terms racial equity and racial justice. Racial equity separates symptoms from causes to expand access to opportunity, while a racial justice lens brings into view the confrontation of power, the redistribution of resources, and the systemic transformation necessary for real change.

We stand behind those vital efforts that are working to meet the immediate needs facing Greater Cleveland communities and we have launched this effort to also address the power imbalances reinforced by generations of systemic racism.

We look forward to meeting you and listening to your thinking on the intent and work of Initiative.


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