Breakfast on Waterloo
Common Ground

Breakfast on Waterloo

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Thursday, July 29 at 8:00am
General Admission - FREE

Let's have some Six Shooter coffee and pastries, some biscuit sandwiches, maybe some Ritual Juicery juice and talk about Growing a Common Ground. What does Waterloo and Collinwood look like as we come out of the shutdown? How is everyone doing? This is perfect way to catch up and be part of this annual Cleveland Foundation-supported program. We had a great shared visioning session in 2018 and continued that in 2019. Now let's get back on track with the fresh energy that has joined our neighborhood. This event is perfect for local entrepreneurs, residents and folks considering being part of this very grassroots district and just anyone wanting to hear about building authentic community through arts and culture. Cindy Barber and Sarah Gyorki will give a little history of what 20 years of economy building has looked like and would love to facilitate bringing some voices to the table. This is supported by non-profit Cleveland Rocks: Past Present Future.

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