Cleveland Sews Common Ground
Common Ground

Cleveland Sews Common Ground

Saturday, July 24 at 11:00am

This event is now sold out.

Cleveland Sews is a workforce development and wealth-building sewing collaborative that stitches together Cuyahoga County’s social fabric, thereby creating jobs, increasing stability, and building hope in community members who have faced hardship due to racial and economic inequities.

The program is empowered by a network of partner organizations, including Neighborhood Connections, University Settlement, Summer on the Cuyahoga, National Bias Fabric, and Cosmic Bobbins, among many others. This summer, these organizations are coming together to co-host Common Ground, picking up the threads of our past conversations and creating an opportunity to weave them together with new experiences to create a strong, resilient social fabric.

This year as the world continues to shift around us, we invite you to join us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Common Ground. These conversations can connect us and strengthen community. To navigate our current reality and prepare for the future, we begin by acknowledging all that has changed and so much that has not. We continue learning by listening to the voices calling for justice, healing, and progress. We commit to grow together.

This year our community conversation's theme is People, Place, and Shared Power. Join our community in conversations where we can listen to and learn from each other, deepen our understanding of the places we call home, and build a vision for our community that unites people across diverse and varied spaces to share power and opportunity.


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