AGEism in our community
Common Ground

AGEism in our community

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“I just think you’re TOO experienced for this role.”
“I saw on Facebook that you had a baby shower recently… Why are you looking for work?”
“The interviewer turned me down, said they want someone with fresh ideas.”
“Why did you apply to this role? You’re getting so close to retirement age, after all.”

Have you ever heard statements like these? Maybe a well-intentioned family member casually mentioned one, or maybe you were told one at your last interview. No matter how they happen, these kinds of interactions betray our society’s expectations around Age and life milestones. Family, employers, and friends expect us to change our behavior somehow as soon as we reach a certain age. The once active foreman becomes a retiree, and the promising teacher becomes a parent. These subtle ways of being pushed out of work are all instances of Ageism.

Ageism has significant costs for our communities. It damages our communities by depriving skilled workers, straining families with severely reduced incomes, and limiting the amount of innovative thinkers who can contribute to the community. The growth and well-being of our communities are stifled by unconscious Ageism.

In this Common Ground discussion, Fairhill Partners wants to challenge community members to think about and confront the Ageism they see in their neighborhoods. Join us to help illuminate how Ageism is an intergenerational problem that impacts people of all backgrounds. The socially engrained nature of Ageism often renders it invisible, but with awareness, its detrimental effects can be mitigated. Continued silence around Age and its effects will keep our communities paralyzed in the status quo and allow Ageism to eat away at our community’s well-being.

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