The Motherload: The Ups & Downs of Modern Motherhood
Common Ground

The Motherload: The Ups & Downs of Modern Motherhood

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Suddenly the principal of zoom school while also trying to make it to work on time? Finding it hard to pretend to be laser-focused on running your big zoom meeting while your kids are throwing a gigantic tantrum? Trying to run your home and be the rock of your family through an unprecedented school-closing global pandemic and feel well yourself?

No problem. Actually it’s a huge problem. The pandemic has bust open the myth that families are doing okay, revealing a system that was never built with the well-being of mothers and families in mind.

If you are feeling exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed with modern mothering you are not alone and we want to create space to talk about it TOGETHER! This session is geared toward mothers who want + need time and collective space to reflect on the challenges, struggles and joys of this past year and to begin to brainstorm together ways that things can be better. Please join us - we want to hear your voice, connect in the chaos, and envision how to move forward toward a more supportive and caring community for all mothers and families in the Greater Cleveland area.

Note: We have limited this event to 12 given space constraints. However, if you're interested in this type of discussion, but it's full or if the time doesn't work for you, we'd love to know so we can convene other conversations. Email:

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