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Why Common Ground?

Why Common Ground?

The foundation and its community partners build this event each year to showcase the many Greater Clevelanders who want to bring people together in a unique way to build community.

Who should participate?

Who should participate?

Any Cuyahoga, Lake or Geauga County resident who cares about the future of our community and wants to be a part of a forward-looking conversation.

Where will it happen?

Where will it happen?

Common Ground events happen at locations across Cuyahoga, Lake, and Geauga counties and beyond. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging people to gather safely in virtual events or at socially-distanced, masked outdoor spaces.

A Path for Common Ground 2022

Last year as the world continued to shift around us, we invited you to join us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Common Ground. While some of us were still physically distanced, these conversations helped to connect us and strengthen communities. To navigate our current reality and prepare for the future, we begin by acknowledging all that has changed, and begin to create a path forward to Common Ground 2022.

We are committed to continuing to learn by listening to the voices of those we serve. As we look ahead to Common Ground 2022, we are committed to grow and evolve together to meet the needs of our current collective moment.  

Stay tuned for updates and information about Common Ground 2022 in the coming months.

Common Ground 2021 Theme

The 5th anniversary of Common Ground, began July 16, 2021, and was a two-week celebration of the work and passion of hundreds of community member hosts who brought together thousands of people at events across our region. United by common questions, Common Ground conversations have the same goal: to create spaces where meaningful connections are made and purposeful actions begin.

Growing Common Ground: People, Place, Shared Power

In 2021, we explored the following conversation questions:

  • How can we strengthen the connections between us to build community?
  • Why does place matter?
  • What would it look like to share power here?

Common Ground invited the community to pick up the threads of past conversations and weave them together with new experiences to create a strong, resilient social fabric. Thousands of Greater Clevelanders joined neighbors in conversations where we listened and learned from each other, deepened our understanding of the places we call home, and built a vision for our community that unites people across diverse and varied spaces to share power and opportunity.

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Bring people together for conversations that matter.

Common Ground creates a forum for discussions that drive change. If you have a passion for making your corner of the world a better place, consider hosting a conversation of your own.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Common Ground is encouraging hosts to gather safely in a virtual meeting space or at socially-distanced, masked outdoor spaces. If necessary, Common Ground will change guidelines to require virtual gatherings, depending on guidance from the State of Ohio and the CDC.

To Host a Common Ground Conversation:

1. Decide on a date, location and time for your event during Common Ground
2. Fill out the Host Registration form using the button below.
3. Build your event using Common Ground resources, trainings, and support
4. Connect with the community at your event
5. Complete post-event survey on that day
6. Use #CG2022 Action Plan events to take next steps on ideas you create

Host an Event

Building Common Ground

Common Ground conversations have been the start of countless meaningful projects, large and small, that have moved our community forward as hosts and participants take action on the issues they care about.



Our History

$35k Distributed

In support action grants. Community projects inspired by 2021 theme “People, Place, shared power

1600 Registrations

Record high due simpler registration process, resulted in higher completion rate for registered hosts.

115 Events

Held despite COVID-19 pandemic. People were able to come together safely in parks, gardens, backyards, and virtual spaces.

5th Anniversary Year

Events expanded to a two-week celebration of the work and passion of hundreds of community member hosts who brought together thousands of people at events across our region.

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